Green Extraction & Environment

Rubian develops and utilizes innovative and sustainable processes for the extraction of bioactives. The process does not use polluting chemical solvents – everything is done to minimize the negative effects on the environment in the production chain.

In addition to being environmentally ideal, the extraction techniques yield products with unique characteristics.

The extracts generated by Rubian‘s technology do not undergo degradation such as hydrolysis, oxidation, esterification, caramelization, or thermal alterations. Thus, they maintain their natural properties preserved and possess active power potentiated by the synergy of ingredients (Entourage effect).

The model and technology used by Rubian are perfectly aligned with the new bioeconomy, through the circular model and upcycling, allowing the creation of differentiated products from conventional processes that generate waste and harm the planet. We use residual biomass from the food industry, rich in bioactives, such as jabuticaba peel and passion fruit pulp, as the main inputs for our products.


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