For us at Rubian, technological development must go hand in hand with respect for nature and the environment. Therefore, we seek to perform extractions of plant materials without using toxic solvents, without generating polluting waste, and obtaining products that are undegraded and not harmful to health.

Through advancements in the technique of supercritical CO₂ extraction, we obtain highly pure products and ensure production with a low impact on nature.






The foundation of Rubian‘s technology is supercritical CO₂ extraction, a process that uses carbon dioxide in its supercritical state – that is, at temperatures and pressures above the critical point. Improvements and refinements to the technique were developed at the Faculty of Food Engineering (FEA) at UNICAMP and licensed to Rubian.

Through supercritical CO₂ extraction, we can remove the lipid layers from natural fruits and seeds. This way, essential oils can be fractionated from the dry matter, generating both oils and ‘defatted’ seeds, great for further processing by the industry.




Another important part of the technical advancements promoted by Rubian is the so-called sequential extraction. In traditional methods of extracting plant compounds (cold pressing), one single condition is used throughout the whole procedure, in which various compounds are extracted at once. This results in a loss of selectivity, quality, and purity of bioactives.

We want to conscientiously utilize what nature offers us. Therefore, our sequential extraction techniques modify process conditions – such as pressure and temperature – sequentially, respecting the characteristics of the bioactives and optimizing the use of plant matrices.

The process aims to maximize the extraction of a new compound, ensuring higher purity, greater effectiveness, and cost-efficiency throughout the procedure. For the industry and the end consumer, it is a guarantee of having in hand oils and other plant extracts with the highest quality and all the natural properties that ensure their benefits and differentiators.

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